Berea Chapter #134 R.A.M.

Berea Masonic Temple
(P.O. Box 15)
366 Eastland Road
Berea, Ohio 44017

The History of Berea Chapter #134 ~ 1872-1947

                      Berea Chapter R.A.M. Activities  (Revised )


Sept. 9th ~ Mon. 7:30pm Stated Meeting (new officers)

Sept. 23rd ~ Mon. 7:30pm Special Meeting

Oct. 14th ~ Mon. Stated Meeting

Oct. 28th ~ 
Mon. 7:30pm Special Meeting

Nov. 11th ~ Mon. Stated Meeting

Nov. 25th ~ Mon. Special Meeting

Dec. 9th ~ Mon. Stated Meeting

Dec 23th ~ Mon. (Special?)

Berea Chapter #134 Officers for 2013-2014
Excellent High Priest David R. George, PHP
King Edward F. Nageotte, PDDGHP, KYCH
Scribe Ronald M. Bokan, PHP
Treasurer Darrel A. Weaver, PHP
Secretary Jim Cochran, PHP, KYCH
Captain of the Host Henry W. Rees, PHP, KYCH, PDEO
Principal Sojourner Henry A. Hausmann, PHP
Royal Arch Captain Ronald J. Bokan PHP
Master of the 3rd Vale George Baxter
Master of the 2nd Vale Edward A. Dearth, PHP, KYCH
Master of the 1st Vale Steve Maurer
Chaplain Edward Nageotte, PDDGHP, KYCH
Guard Harold Vinck

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